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2017 Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair

The Midwest Section of the A&MWA has had a long history (since the mid-1980’s) of supporting and encouraging student involvement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics referred to as STEM.  To this end, the Midwest Section of the A&WMA  has provided prizes to students in each age category Intermediate (4th – 6th grade), Junior (7th & 8th grade), and Senior (9th – 12th) for projects related to 1) generation, control, effect, or illustration of air pollution or waste management, or 2) relating to energy conservation or renewable energy. The Section provides support to the teachers who sponsor the winning student(s) and also provides financial support to the Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair held each April at Union Station.

Each winner receives a $50 to $100 cash award ($100 for a single student working on the project and $50 each if the project is a team effort) and a plaque. Additionally, the science department of each winner’s school receives $50 through the sponsoring teacher. Your Judges this year were, Michael Rawitch, Ramboll Environ, Jo Moore A&WMA, and Dr. Ralph Keller, RMK Consultants.

Three intermediate Students collaborated on a project, The Power of the Wind, to determine if the shape and larger surface area of a wind turbine blade increased rotation speed resulting in greater power. Ten trials were conducted and the resulting voltage averaged for each of three different shaped blades.  As hypothesized the blade with the largest surface area, nicknamed “Tree Trunk”, produced the most power.

The Junior Division winner, Acid Trip, studied the effects of mineral types on the neutralization of acid rain. Each mineral type: sand, gravel, activated charcoal and limestone was tested under the same conditions ten times. The averaged result for each mineral type confirmed that the amount of acid neutralized does change when the mineral type changes. Limestone did the best job of neutralizing the acid rain.

Our Section is proud to continue supporting young scientist in our community and our judges greatly enjoyed selecting this year’s winners. Please reach out to Ralph Keller, Jo Moore or one of our Board Members if you are interested in volunteering for this event next year.

New Executive Board

Results of the recent balloting for 2017-2018 Midwest Section officers are:
  • Co-Chairs:
    • Mitchell Krasnopoler, Kiewit, 913-928-7074
    • Kumud Pyakuryal, US EPA Region 7, 913-551-7956
  • Vice Chair: 
    • Jo Moore, 913-648-1571
  • Treasurer: 
    • Mark Weckwerth, Wyandotte County, 913-573-6699
  • Secretary: 
    • Stephanie Taylor, SCS Engineers, 913-749-0733
Congratulations all!

  • Feb 27-28 25th Annual Midwest Section A&WMA Environmental Technical Conference
    • Agenda
    • Day 1 Keynote Speakers
      • Ed Chu, Acting Regional Administrator at EPA Region 7
      • John Mitchell, Division of the Environment Director at KDHE
      • Carol Comer, Director at MDNR
    • Day 1 Roundtables
      • Air
        • AIR: Amy Algoe-Eakin - EPA Region 7
        • Doug Watson - KDHE
        • Kyra Moore - MDNR
        • Amanda Graor - MARC 
      • Waste
        • Bill Bider - KDHE
        • Chris Nagel - MDNR
        • Mary Goetz - EPA Region 7
    • Day 2 Morning Keynote Speaker
      • EPA Region 7 Legal Update
    • Day 2 Session 1
      • Air - GHG Update
        • Landfill Gas NSPS - Mark Smith, EPA
        • Update on Oil/Gas NSPS - Stacy Stotts, Polsinelli
        • RMP Updates - Laura Brewer, EPA
      • Waste
        • History and Future of RCRA 40th Ann. - Mary Goetz, EPA
        • RCRA Update , Container Management Changes - Rebecca Wenner, EPA
        • EPA’s Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule - Paul Jacobson, Spencer Fane
      • Hot Topics
        • Common Oversights in Phase I ESA, Risks and Costs - Deb English, Environmental Advisors and Engineers
        • Chlorinated Solvent Cleaning via Oxidant Blending - Anthony Moore, Environmental Works
        • Securing Chemicals from Terrorist Groups - Jon Nelson, Honeywell
    • Lunch Keynote Speaker
      • ASCE National Report Card on Infrastructure - Brian Pallasch, Managing Director of Government Relations and Infrastructure Initiatives 
    • Day 2 Session 2
      • Air
        • App. W - Air Modeling Updates - Minda Nelson, Burns & McDonnell
        • Proposed MERPs - Andy Hawkins, EPA
        • ODS Updates - Nancy Liang, Trinity
        • NAAQS Update - Amy Algoe-Eakin, EPA
      • Waste
        • CCR Impoundment Closure: Reshaping your Ash! - Doug Doerr & Pat Goeke, SCS Engineers; Eric Holder – Independence Power & Light
        • New RCRA Air Toxic Rules - Ed Buckner, EPA
        • Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule - Paul Jacobson, Spencer Fane
      • Hot Topics
        • Protecting Intellectual Property - Bob Lambrechts, Lathrop and Gage
        • Wind Energy in the Midwest - Deirdre Hirner, AWEA Midwest
        • Vapor Intrusion - Diana Marquez, Burns & McDonnell
    • Final Keynote Presentation
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